Was the Unicorn Frappuccino inspired by the P**ping Unicorn?

I was teaching a class on Facebook, we were talking about what makes effective and successful Facebook posts. One of the examples I choose was the Squatty Potty Video. For those not familiar with the squatty potty and the squatty potty’s viral ad “This Unicorn Changed the Way I Poop” came out in 2015 and drew eyeballs to an otherwise unknown startup.

The first video has been viewed more than 100 million times on Facebook and YouTube and increased online sales for the brand by 600 percent and retail sales by 400 percent. Check out the video below

By the time the video ended

I couldn’t help wondering if the “Pooping Unicorn” inspired the new limited-time Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino?

So I decided to take a look at the research. Guess what I found out. I am not alone in this thought Check out the Google Trend data around unicorns. Number 1 is unicorn frappuccino followed by number 2 squatty potty unicorn and the squatty potty unicorn was video was first released in 2015.

Are we truly fascinated by unicorns or is it something else?

Case in point, the childhood fascination with my little pony, especially the unicorn ones. My little pony was not only popular in the 1980s but made a recent comeback in little girl obsessions in the 2000s. Or maybe you’re a Harry Potter fan and you remember where Lord Voldermort drank the unicorn’s blood. But the one who must not be named did it at a price, the price of a half-life, a cursed life. Shivers. Who knows why the unicorn is such a fascination for many.I believe there are unicorn fanatics, however, it goes a little deeper. Squatty Potty & Starbucks executed a truly successful campaign.

In honor of Starbucks and Squatty Potty, I have created

The Rainbow Guide- 5 simple steps to creating a successful campaign


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