Who is
Molly O’Kane?

Hey, I’m Molly. Founder of Mix It Up Marketing and Bloggerithm. I’m also a Mom and I know how difficult it can be to balance everything you want your business to be with the time you have!

I wasn’t always a super star business coach (jk) I started out volunteering, and loved creating business plans and helping businesses to scale and grow. I work with:
● The Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center
● San Francisco Small Business Development Center
● Solano- Napa Small Business Development Center
● Santa Cruz Small Business Development Center

Since 2013 I have helped 850 small businesses of all shapes, sizes, products and people become better at using digital marketing to grow their business and increase sales.

But don’t just take my word for it:

I know I have the experience to get your business to where it needs to be.

Years growing business sales:


5-star Reviews from clients:


Increased Sales: The Good Chocolate


Businesses I’ve worked with:


Additional Sales I helped clients make:


How I can help you:

● Grow your business
● Get your brand noticed
● Understand your product
● Allow your message to be heard

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