Top 5 Things Small Businesses Can Learn From Benefit Cosmetics Cofounders Jean And Jane Ford

Just in time for Small Business Week. I want to share with you a interview with Jean and Jane Ford Co-founders Jean and Jane Ford from the “Women Who Launch” event at Square.

Benefit cosmetics was founded nearly 40 years ago, guided by the motto “When opportunity knocks, don’t complain about the noise!” in San Francisco. In 2005, Jean and Jane Ford won the Cosmetic Executive Women Achiever Award- casually referred to as the Oscars of the cosmetics industry. They believe laughter is the best cosmetic – so grin and wear it! Below I have included the top 5 things every small business can learn from Cosmetic co-founders Jean and Jane Ford. Listen to what they shared at the Ladies Who Launch Event in March hosted by Square and share with others.

1. What does it mean to be an Entrepreneur?

2. Every Business should be doing micro plans.

What is a micro plan or short term business plan?
A business plan that covers your business for no longer than 1 year to 18 months.

3. Every business is selling an experience, not just a product. Listen to your customers you can learn at lot from them.


My favorite way to track this is with Customer personas. Customer Personas are a great way to understand what motivates your customer.

Try to answer all these questions:
a. Who are they?
b. Where do they stick around?
c. What do they feel passionate about?
d. What are their goals & challenges?
e. What are their pains & needs?
f. How do they decide what to buy and where? What is their process?

These are some customer persona templates and tools I have used in the past.




4. You always need to be selling!

5. “Stores are like 18 month toddlers that never grow up”

Even when you think you have everything in place, as an owner you still need to be present, because stores will always need your attention.

If you are looking to learn and laugh at the same time I would definitely go to any event Jean and Jane Ford from Benefit Cosmetics are speaking. Enjoy!

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