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Psst… Ready to Learn What Words Separates Shopify High Earners From the Rest?

There are TONS of entrepreneurs using Shopify out there, and the unfortunate reality is that the MAJORITY of them aren’t hitting their revenue goals. 


As it turns out, only 3% of Shopify businesses make over $1 million a year


That means…

The rest of the Shopify businesses are stuck in an deep earning rut.

Are you one of them?

Maybe it feels like in spite of everything you’re trying to revamp – web design, shopping experience, check out, product-market fit – just isn’t doing anything to help you earn more. And it’s SO frustrating, isn’t it?

There’s this merry-go-round of advice for Shopify business owners. You’ve watched the Youtube tutorials, followed every IG account, and delved into every corner of the internet for some freakin’ sound advice on how to frame your offering.


The fact is that it’s just not that simple to increase sales right away. 



The Problem

There are some struggles to overcome:

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Lack of Knowledge

The lack of knowledge around how to use the most impactful copy to sell your products


Too Much Time

Spending time learning how to write effective copy for your Shopify page


Uncertain results

Discovering months in that the copy you wrote isn’t working

It’s starting to make more sense why so few businesses are performing well…

As a marketing coach, I’m accustomed to working with entrepreneurs who are trying to get their businesses off the ground. And since my colleagues have started using Shopify… let’s just say my shoulder’s getting cried on more often. 



There’s so much confusion surrounding which words genuinely persuade customers.

I felt like I needed to look into this situation to figure out what words Shopify high earners were using. So I rolled up my sleeves, dug into the research, data, and intel surrounding these $1M/ year businessesAnd I figured:

“Well, wait a minute. I could SHARE these top words with people and help them earn more.” 

That’s how I ended up compiling all of my findings into a single resource.


The Mini Shopify Words Report: Top 5

Discover the top 5 words high-earning businesses use.


Information is powerful.

With this report, you can…


Overcome paralysis by analysis

Instead of having the choice of millions of marketing phrases and copy from every blog, video and class, you’re only choosing between terms that have proven success.


Save your precious time and money

Save the writing classes for another day (maybe after you’ve hit $10k/ month)


Use verbiage that actually sells

Frame your offering in a way that speaks to your customers and start earning more!


What’s inside The Mini Shopify Words Report: Top 5…


When you’re reading the report, you’re looking at some of the most effective, tried-and-true sales language. You have the intel to start plugging in words and testing which ones help your business perform better. 


Another way is identifying at which part of the process your visitor leaves and seeing what copy you’re using at that stage. Maybe you’re undermining or miscommunicating your product in ways that are seriously harming your sales and a word fix is needed.

You’re making a RISK-FREE payment. If you’re not 100% satisfied after 7 days, we will offer you a full refund for any reason. Send us an email at molly@mollyokane.com. 

Of course! If you’re not sure where to begin or need some quick guidance, please shoot us an email at molly@mollyokane.com. We’ll give you some pointers to get you started.

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It’s time to go from clueless to empowered.
Let’s get you the right tools so you can thrive.


Here’s the rub:

you could theoretically go out and learn how to write great copy.


But this may take you….How long?

This level of work isn’t a great use of time or energy, especially if you’re scaling up a side hustle, maybe also juggling parenting, or just have a bunch of irons in the fire. 

We want to help you skip this super lengthy process and finally use proven copy that delivers results. No more guesswork, groping around in the dark, or frustration.

About Me

Hey there.

I’ve worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs who made the leap from starting out to really hitting their earning potential. Over and over again, I’ve identified roadblocks for these business owners and helped them jump the hurdles, whether it’s transitioning to digital marketing or figuring out their product-market fit. 


Finding the right way to communicate your product or service is just another modern hurdle that I think we can overcome together. I’ve already seen business owners do it- it’s possible! 


As you read this report and dive into the data, just know that I’m behind you 100% and I’ll keep looking out for ways to help you get to the next level. 



Molly O’Kane

What you get

Let’s do a quick recap...

This report is valued at $197, and we’re offering it today for $27.

There’s no more need for you to get stuck in an earning rut, immobilized by a lack of information around website copy.


It’s time to use the best tools and start reaching your potential.


Let’s give the Shopify high earners a run for their money.